Live Big Screen Showing in Liverpool of Champions League Final vs Madrid 2022 Suggestions

Unfortunately it looks like I am not going to be able to make it to Paris as I am sure like a few of us, I can’t find a way to get a ticket for less than about two or three grand … but at least want to be in Liverpool for the match, so I am planning to drive over with my two boys on the day as I have done for the last two CL finals.

Last time we watched it on a big screen at Aintree and the time before at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

I have been waiting to see if Anfield are going to announce a big screen showing of the Champions League final. As far as I know they haven’t yet but I also haven’t read anywhere that they definitely won’t be.

So I thought I would create this thread so we could discuss suggestions in Liverpool which would be good to watch it.

I was thinking specifically big screen / big event kind of thing, but you guys are welcome to suggest pubs as well if you like.

And if anyone knows any more than me about whether Anfield will be showing it, please share here.

EDIT - Good shout Klopptimist, TAN meetup would be cool, lets try and do that, any of you interested, post below and maybe we can arrange it nearer the time!

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Following with keen interest. All my locals are full of neanderthals who throw bananas at the screen. Will be in Liverpool for the final, where is the question. TAN meetup?


You were warned about moving to Westminster

I’m sure they will a have one in Paris for those going without tickets.

They can’t afford me.

There was one planned for the emptyhad not sure if its going ahead now though :thinking:. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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We are going to the Invisible Wind Factory event. My brother went in 2019 to a different venue that had already sold out this year.

Others we considered were the Sandon and Shankly Hotel.

No idea on whether tickets are still available for any of them. We booked our tickets 3-4 days ago

Good idea Klopptimist, I have edited my original post to include your suggestion!

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Yes, I saw the Invisible Wind Factory showing, unfortunately it is 18 and over, and my boys are 18 and 14 so probably a no go for me. No idea why you need to be 18 to watch a match on a big screen though!

Means they don’t need to police language / conduct.


Or have to ID people everytime they buy drinks just on entry


I hadnt realised it was age restricted. Youngest in our groups 24 so we didnt check that side of thing’s. Shame. Hopefully you find somewhere to watch it with the young un. Special times to be shared with the young uns.

Places where you can watch the FA Cup final in Liverpool - Liverpool Echo

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Only 30% of capacity to fans though. 30% goto the friends of M&S and 40% to the council’s family and mates.

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Link to offal page. By ballot for members. @Zac this might be a good one for you and your family - under 16s at seated section, which prob suits.

Huge screen showing Liverpool FC Champions League final at M&S Bank Arena - Liverpool Echo

Fantastic, I’ll check out your link now, cheers

Did you have any luck sorting a place to watch the match?