Liverpool Season: 2021-22

I’m hoping that we have our ‘Aguero’ moment, in the 89th minute against Wolves. Just imagine the noise and wild celebrations.

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Step by step to glory. This is the cusp on where we stand: joining the teams with two proper* trophy lift seasons from the past.

*not including super cup/ world club cup/ charity shields


Anyone in Liverpool for the final in Paris, either local or actually heading there?

Kiev I got in the ground, Madrid was outside the ground (tickets were just too expensive for me that time), this time I’ve opted to be in Liverpool for a few days and hopefully be there for a brilliant parade on Sunday. Unfortunately due to lockdown, we couldn’t be there in 2020. So I see this as sort of a backup plan.

I will be there from Friday to Monday.

I think my mate booked some £11 tickets to watch the final in The Sandon. Any other recommendations where best to go? Any other events? I guess the whole Boss aquad will be in Paris and rightly so.

Maybe see a few forumites, who knows.

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I’ve no chance if a ticket…train fare from LondonSt Pancras to Paris…£189.50… to sit in a fan zone…would be great…but it’s in the living room…patio doors wide open…might find a bottle of fizzy stuff…tv on loud…and wait for the fireworks…

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The M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, is screening the game. I don’t know how much the tickets are.

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Check this thread mate


Or it’ll be us waiting for City to have the opposite of an Aguero moment as Phil bangs one in on the 89th minute for Villa to take the lead/equalise, whilst we’re cruising to a 3-0 win.

Either way, it’ll be stress…but gotta do the job tonight first!

To be in with a chance of winning this thing at this stage despite getting 4 fewer points in total against City, Chelsea and Spurs than last season, seems like some kind of rebuttal of common sense as the basis for predicting a season.
Is this post-lockdown season going to be in the end the strangest of the last three?
Our first XI in top league games underperformed, as our squad performance levels climbed to new heights.


Or maybe, it’s just the case that too much is made of the head-to-heads, where it isn’t really “won” or “lost” most of the time…


Not sure that ‘underperformed’ could be attached to any part of this wonderful season. Yes we drew most (all?) of our PL games against City, Chelsea and Spurs but we played really well in some of those and had some awful decisions go against us. We also beat them in the cups


Dropping ten points from winning positions isn’t good.

Even so, we would’ve already won the league by now if our games and Manchester City’s were arbitrated equally.

When trying to figure out where we ‘lost’ the league, worth remembering we were 14 points behind in January but have taken it to the last day while also going all the way in all the cups…

I don’t think we lost the league, I think we performed miracles to even be in with a shout.


Think this is probably the right thread for this. Parade details


We had some already, maybe too many for the Klopp era but

i am praying to all football gods for one last football miracle on sunday.


…and then another one the following weekend

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No miracle needed in Paris. That’s in our hands. It’s a final. Winner gets the price.

The miracle is needed for the Villa match.

Tbh id be ok if we win the PL and don’t win the CL.


But it would still be miraculous to complete the Q…d :wink:



Hard work brought us where we are now. Hard work will hopefully make us win our remaining games.

But we need a miracle for the game we are not participating in.


Interesting timing, this parade.