Liverpool vs Southampton: FA Cup fifth round, February 28, Wednesday, 20:00

Fuck you Chelsea, you billion dollar bottlejob. Fuck you Boehly, you daft prick. Fuck you Pochettino, you arrogant cunt. Fuck you Caicedo, you useless thug. Fuck you Chilwell, you brainless bully. Fuck you Kavanagh and your fellow corrupt mercenaries. What a fucking wonderful club we have. What a fucking hoard of warriors our players are. What a fucking glorious human Klopp is. Blessed is the day I started this journey. What a privilege to be part of something so excruciatingly enchanting.

No, you are in the FA Cup game thread; bear with me.

This is Liverpool. This is what means to be Liverpool. The trophies are just the froth on the top, the real nectar lies underneath. It’s the heartbreaks, it’s the endurance, it’s the thrills, it’s the passion, it’s fights that’s the elixir that sustains us. We will take our random trophies over a bucket-load of grimy trinkets.

Yes, yes, it’s really the FA Cup game thread, bite me.


The kids will take care of this…


Do we want Klopps last match to be May 19th (last PL matchday) or do we want to have him for another week by reaching another Wembley final?


Bradley Konate Quansah Robertson©️
Szoboszlai MacAllister Clark
Salah Danns Nunez

van Dijk, Gomez, Elliott, Diaz

The way Darwin and Szoboszlai were jumping around I guess they will be pushing hard not only to be involved but to start.

Maybe Salah from bench. Anyone know why Kaide Gordon was in the squad for Luton but not yesterday?

Alright Ifti, I’m sorry I called you mild. No need to over compensate!

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Can see McConnell getting a start. He only played 35 mins in the final.

Southampton’s league form has been patchy lately, but they are all but assured of at least a play-off place. Not sure how they will approach this one. Maybe they’ll see us as vulnerable with the absences and a cup final hangover, or maybe they are far more concerned with getting direct promotion.


Can not afford another extra time because we’re playing Forest away on Saturday.


If Carlsberg did opening threads…
This has to be the best opening thread to any game, anywhere - Well Done @Iftikhar :0)


I expect Jürgen to piece a team together out of the available players and apprentices like MacGyver fashioning an explosive device out of household detergents, kitchen utensils and a broken teasmaid that was originally won as a price on The Generation Game circa 1972.

The match is available in the UK on ITV1, STV and UTV (England/Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and also on the associated streaming devices for those with a VPN (not that I would advocate such shenanigans, of course).


Southampton might not want to start their strongest team in this one as they’re in trouble in the championship w.r.t promotion.

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The backline and forwardline will be fine.

We’ll just have to ask Southampton to get DBS checks to play against our midfield.

We will win. The momentum from yesterday will be significant.


Bradley Gomez Quansah Tsimikas
Dominik McConnell ( Nyoni ?)
Kaide Danns Clark

to start with.

I don’t see Southampton keeping a stronger team for this one.

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Soton have been in a bad patch of form against teams you’d expect them to beat so two minds whether they will take this seriously or rotate.

Norwich rotated last time out to be fair so expect something similar.

For us well I can see a very inexperienced first 11 even though many already have a cup winners medal and quite a strong bench. Hopefully the 3 who are close can get some minutes as it might give us something resembling a first team for the game against Forest start only 15 mins earlier against Man Utd. So no favouritism in this really. As both could go extra time.

Klopp said those who came on would likely play, those who did only 90 mins I assume will also be in contention for the bench and Kelleher.



Russell went with a pretty young side for their replay with Watford, whether he goes with that many changes again only time will tell.

Someone alluded to yesterday the added importance of getting through this game, being the Everton game gets pushed back until after the intl break.

Sure the FA cup comes last in the priority list but it’s still a piece of the jigsaw we need to complete a historical quadruple so for these 2 reasons I’m less inclined to go with a full u21 side.

My XI - Kelleher Bradley Gomez Quansah Kostas Mcconnell Nyoni Mac Gordon Gakpo Koumas

If Salah, Nunez, Dom ready for the bench I’d be giving them 25-30 mins each too.


Yup, that’s my main desire to win this.

Sad it’s come to that but with our resources and the fact we seem to pick up 2 injuries per game it’s got that feeling about it.

I wouldn’t want anyone who played 120 bar Kelleher to play this.

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I’d save Bradley for Saturday. Play the kids instead!


Wouldn’t be too surprised if Adrian starts.

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I’d play Bradley for 50-60 min and then see off the match with Joe. I don’t believe we have any other wingback there who can slot in. Maybe Clark can do a job as well , who knows.

Not sure about the question marks mate, hope this still works…