Major League Baseball

Yup, any ejection?

It seems a bit similar to fights in hockey. Most of those are even planned by the players ahead of time - I don’t really understand what it is achieving.

Thanks for the clarification.

I saw one on Friday after they had video reviewed it and it looked out and the guy went really angry.

Boone was ejected last week but the pitching calls were shocking.

Baseball has a lot of unwritten rules and old timey truisms that define how people are expected to act and what constitutes good play. It is why the game was so rife for a data led approach to cut through all that bullshit and focus on what is actually important. Teams are now put together with a different emphasis than they were 20 years ago, but you still see a lot of the old muscle memory in other parts of the game…like requiring your manager to sacrifice himself by making a scene if things are going against you.

There is a famous TV commercial over here illustrating the meaninglessness of these coach/umpire confrontations where it showed the coach angrily running out to confront the ump only for them to make dinner plans with each other while putting on a show of fighting with each other.

all of these teams have spotters in the stands watching to see if they can crack the signs, anything to give them an advantage. Thus, they know when an umpire is shitting the bed on the strike zone. If you think the furor over VAR in England is bad… meet Angel Hernandez

I’ve noticed those types.

Generally I love the game I just find that amusing. Klopp would never finish a game.

The ball sounds different off of Shohei’s bat, no? But then again I’m a Dodgers fan.

it really depends on the type of wood the bat is made of, as to how the contact sounds, weighs and feels. Until you’ve tried different types you don’t know what you’ll like.

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Apparently he uses maple

80-90% of the MLB does.

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it looks effortless, for what looks like an unconventional swing he generates good bat speed

Meanwhile I was watching that live thinking, “It’s too high.” :joy:

must feel dirty, liking one of Todd Boehly’s teams. (I’m in the same boat).

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Yeah, that’s a problem. But I am very good at hypocrisy.

And no one can hate Mookie!

Have you met anyone from Boston?

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you think Mookie Betts is from Boston?

It does sound different.

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Enjoyed that, @Semmy.

what’d I miss? Been a crazy week for me.

Was playing 50’s ball in Pasco, WA on the weekend. Vancouver Canadians were playing the Tri-City Americans at the stadium right next to our fields which was pretty cool, but our 3rd game of the day was a 5:30 start so we couldn’t watch the game.

one of our team’s sons plays next door on a full ride at Columbia Basin, some of his teammates came to watch us old boys swing the bats before they headed to watch the C’s game.


You missed Maxwell the Silver Hammer Muncy come alive.