Major League Baseball

Any Reds fans? Dominican wonder kid Elly De La Cruz just wowed reporters with a press conference conducted entirely in English (and very creditable english as well) despite not being able to speak a word of it last season.

Yankees sweep Houston in Houston

The Brewers sweeping The Mets is my highlight. Rhys Hoskins getting them so riled up that they’re pitching at his head, then he hits a two run homer. He’s such a gobshite :heart:. I wish he was still in Philly.

I’m living a few stops away from Citi Field and seeing the ticket prices plummet is another benefit. I paid $16 to watch them get fucked 5-0 by Detroit this eve, right by the away dugout. Tomorrow night, there are tickets going for $2.

Yankees sweeping Astros was also fun, but their lad Ronel Blanco just delivered a no hitter vs Toronto.


and yet to watch the Mariners play the Jays is $60+++

Is that in Seattle or Toronto? I’m planning on going Yankee Stadium for a couple games this year but you have to pay “Yankees tax”. Same with MSG.

in Seattle. Thousands of Canucks make the trek to that game. bus charters and such.

lots of ball players out here

Yankees tax is a real thing, went there last Sept and watched them beat the Jays. Cole pitched a gem.

Really curious about that $10 wager.

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Everton to win the league.

That Dodgers bullpen is killing me.

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Probably the first one he placed before getting more bold/desperate.

Or the last desperate attempt to get out the hole.

In all seriousness, I feel bad for him, and anyone who’s battling a gambling addiction whilst working in an arena that promotes gambling relentlessly and shamelessly.

I don’t gamble much, but it struck me recently how many of my conversations in bars aren’t really about the sport itself these days but rather the odds, etc.


Hockey is almost unwatchable on TV now, because of the stoppage commercials that are usually a mix of promoting gambling and ‘responsible gambling’ warnings.

Mookie lad!

Everyone involved understands that the massive growth of the NFL in the past 15 years has been almost entirely down to fantasy, which is nothing but a vehicle for betting. Every stake holder in every other sport left behind by the NFL understands this too, and that is why we’re now in this powder keg of a situation where the betting lines are pretty much as important as the wins and losses. Situations like this are pretty much inevitible and the leagues act all offended that the obvious outcome happened

Same with the Premier League in England. One minute you’re gearing about suspensions for Toney and Tonali then Ray Winston’s face pops up to tell you in the in-play odds.

When I watch sports it seems that about 50% of the ads are these awful “sports gambling is now legal in Florida” ones from Hard Rock advertising their new legal app