Major League Baseball

Im not really a baseball fan, but spring training is a fun time. There is the obvious pre-season excitement, but there is also something really cool about seeing these stars play (assuming they are present) in these tiny stadiums that creates a much more up close experience.


Thinking of going to see Brooklyn Cyclones for opening day. Looks like a nice wee ballpark in (on?) Coney Island. $20 a ticket, and it’s a free bar from the first pitch to to the bottom of the 8th. I’m gonna fucking bankrupt this team.

Coney Island. Nice place. @El-Cuchillero at the end of the 7th inning stretch…

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fuckin hell, where was that when I was in NY in Sept.

What they don’t tell you is that they serve Bud and there is only one urinal

They must be bad if they have that offer on.

Then again Everton don’t even offer a free bar.

Dodgers have won the World Series already, apparently.

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They do look pretty scary to be fair

Top of the order is frightening, but there’s a big hole in the bottom, and they have no real shortstop, and, y’know, it’s the Bodgers.

What a brutal introduction to MLB for Yamamoto.

Poor boy probably regrets ignoring Dombrowski’s calls already.

Mookie is moving to SS this year. It’ll be interesting to see how that works for them

Assume they told them to up the run count a bit :joy:

Anyhow 1-1

Jays shit the bed yesterday against the Braves. terrible way to lose a ball game when you’re up 5-1


It’s only spring ball though, correct? The Dodgers and Padres were the only ones playing a meaningful game until next week.

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Yeah it would be like being upset because you lost a friendly and no one over hypes pre season friendlies :thinking:

yes but when you blow a game that badly it really does show how weak the mentality is.

Double play up the right side middle, 2nd basemen throws it into left field. gives up 2 runs, end up losing the game


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yeah I’ve been offline for a bit and need to catch up on that. Ohtani being investigated?

The Red Sox posted a pretty defiant video today, in the face of a lot of criticism for not making enough big moves in the off-season. For what it’s worth I actually think the Red Sox have a fun team. Sure they’re not likely to win the pennant or anything but Duran and Raffaela will be base stealing machines, Devers is a potential All-Star again and there are some players that either are expected to take a jump or have potential to bounce back to previous form like O’Neill, Yoshida, Abreu, Casas and Bello.

In the minor leagues my local side is the Portland Sea Dogs and they begin the season with 4 of the 5 top rated Red Sox prospects (the other one is Raffaela, who was on the Sea Dogs in 22 and 23 but now in the majors). SS Meyer is the #1 prospect in the farm but has actually been quite poor from what I’ve seen of him so he still needs more time at AA.