Major League Baseball

Edwin Díaz ejected last night with a sticky glove. That’s eight pitchers ejected for that reason since the MLB started the substance checks in 2021, three of them for the Mets. I guess we know how that bullpen keeps itself entertained during games. :fist: :fist: :fist:

Nightmare few years for Díaz, though. He fucks his knee whilst celebrating a save vs Dominican Rep in the WBC and misses the entirety of the 2023 season, returns in 2024 to blow four out of five saves (also giving up a four run lead against the Marlins), picks up another injury, and now he’s looking at a ten game suspension.

He’s probably picked up $60m or so in salary in that time as well :joy:

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Trea grandy against the Dodgers. Phils leading 9-0 after the 4th. I had $20 on the Phils to score under nine, but I’m liking this better.

Dodgers are a bit shit, huh?

Pretty banged up healthwise.

Phillies likewise, but we’re taking care of business anyway. I was just looking forward to a feisty series.

Ozuna hitting these balls into the ground same as he does his wife. Fat prick.

This went well, Red Sox are playing way above expectations - Houck, Devers and Duran made the All-Star team. Rafaela has been an elite defender, O’Neill has provided excellent support and the pitching has genrally been superb. This is all while dealing with injury issues, at one point a crisis, that led to a lot of unheralded players like David Hamilton and Dom Smith coming in and playing well. They get Casas back soon to add another potential all-star to the rotation.

Red Sox fans, obviously, still not happy. For some reason everyone seems absolutely desperate to tear apart a team that is playing really well. Biggest strange thing for me is why people want to trade Kenley Jansen, I know he’s made noises about wanting to go back to LA but he has half a season left on his contract then he can go where he wants. Red Sox are well placed to make the playoffs again, why would you get rid of an elite closer when you’re in that position?

Same as Liverpool fans, some people just desperate to see moves made even if those moves don’t make any sense.

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