Major League Baseball

I wonder how many times Ohtani would have gone over the clock against Trout in the WBC. I don’t know why anyone would want to rush that.

Always liked watching Peter Ebdon, as well.

More importantly, I struggle to get even slightly pissed this quickly, especially now they’re not selling beers beyond the 8th.

It’s twenty seconds and then some.

It’s not like they are asking them to pitch it out like the home run derby.

Apparently the entire Ohtani-Trout at bat would have been 38 seconds quicker than it was if it had the pitch clock. WBC didn’t really have the same problem with delays as a regular season MLB game did.

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Considering my two teams AL and NL have been awful I’ve enjoyed this season.

I love baseball. I love Philly.


What was the fucking over/under? :laughing:

It was around 10/11 at 9.5 over/under so yeah at 24.

As those are the odds I won on :wink:

@Dutch Orioles clinch a play off spot!

I know, was watching it last night, don’t know where it will end but it is a fun ride so far … :joy:

That American League East is crazy.

The most difficult league for the past 25 years. In Central, we would have already clinched the League title.

This is far from over, yes we are in the postseason but Tampa can still win the League.

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