Mason Mount (Chelsea FC) CM/AM/LW

In the immortal words of Mick Jagger ;

“You can’t always get what you want , but if you try sometimes you just might find , you get what you need.”

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If so, that is fine. I feel like we need more of a destroyer type alongside Mac Allister, assuming we sign him.


With the emergence of Jones at the end of this season…it gets me thinking. Stylistically and statistically, how similar are Jones and Mount? If we believe Jones is finally fit and will stay that way (for the most part), is buying Mount really needed, especially for the fee and wage he will demand? I don’t think so and we’d be better off buying a destroyer and solid #6 to go alongside Mac Allister, assuming that happens.


NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Take my eyes Lord, but please don’t deprive us from signing Mason Mount.

If that is true, then fine. 70 or 80 mln. pounds for a player who will have 1 year left on his contract is absolute madness. Maybe not, if his name is Mbappe…

And in my opinion, if Mount really prefers Manure and Ten Haag over LFC and Klopp, then he and his agent/s are 100% fools or just greede bastards. Manure are not good at developing young english players lately and giving them a pathway to their starting eleven.

For example Sancho, Henderson, Wan-Bissaka. Greenwood is a total failure, while Rashford had a very good season, but he is definitely not the most consistent player.

I only hope that Mason is not Klopp’s top target, because that will be massively disappointing from Juergen’s point of view.


I think Mount was a target not the target.


Well I guess there are two parts to this. Firstly, Jurgen isn’t a scout (and the little we know about his ‘preferences’ for certain players over those who would become great players for us indicate he would be a pretty poor one).

Secondly, more significant than Jurgen being disappointed is that if Mount was ‘his number one target’ then I would be disappointed in Jurgen.

You can save this post for when Mount signs for West Ham in a couple of years.


Pfft, I’m saving it for when he scores the winning goal off his arse to win us the Champions League final the season after next to secure us the quadruple.

Close the thread boyos. Has agreed terms with the red mancs.

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I hope he does shite for them.

I do rate him.

He makes less sense for them than he does for us.


Not one I’m going cry over and probably one less team for Macallister.

Of course expect the “Liverpool face transfer blow”.

Season 1 What GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

A long-term successor to Eriksen perhaps? Mount is still young, I’m getting the feeling that both Klopp and Ten Hag wanted to mould him into an attack-minded central midfielder.

I wonder what his transfer fee will be, though. I can’t shake off the feeling that he would have been a poor transfer for us but a good one for every other club. As much as I admire his natural ability (and I really, really do), I think we need to get different kind of players this summer.


Was never fussed about this one. All the best highlight clips were from 2 years ago.

Not fussed about him. Do think he is a good player though. Liverpool can do better.

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I felt he had dropped off and digressed whether that’s Chelsea’s issue or his is another matter.

No secret that I wanted us to sign him for the right price.

He’ll be another mediocre signing for United like Sancho and many others but I have no doubt he would have been great under Klopp.

If a player has the chance to sign for Liverpool but picks United or Chelsea instead you know his biggest motivation is money. That’s usually a deal breaker in Jürgens background check.

You pick United or Chelsea that means you don’t know if you’ll be challenging for trophies next season and more importantly you have no guarantee that the manager who brought you in will still be there in 8 months time.

Time to close this one.

Quite possible that we were the ones who turned to other targets (or more specifically in comparison to Mount - Mac Allister), rather him picking between Chelsea, United and Liverpool. I’m actually not sure he would’ve picked United (even if they play with a single #10, we don’t) over us if both clubs had a fee agreed with Chelsea, but it’s highly likely that it didn’t even get to that point.

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I always thought it unlikely when he and others appeared at Anfield when not playing earlier this year

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