Other so-called “sports”

I’d have loved to send Probert out to go after Ramos after that hackjob on Salah.


that’s exactly what Pepe was for

Thinking more along the lines of Vinnie Jones…

Don’t think along those lines. It’s a dark and dangerous path to a place full of nastiness and bad manners.

you wouldn’t like some big Chris treatment for ol Sergio?

Tony Khan in a neck brace in the Jags’ control room last eve, after taking a piledriver on Dynamite. Might’ve been a more impactful sell if he wasn’t constantly moving his fucking neck with a big dopey grin on his face.

I think it works everyone knows it’s just a joke.

Joey Chestnut is OUT of the 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. He accepted a sponsorship deal with a rival hot dog company and has been disqualified from competing.


Joey Chestnut lives just a couple miles up the road from me. I’m in Carmel and he is in Westfield, IN. Close to all the big stars here, yep :joy:

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