Post match: Liverpool v Aston Villa (EPL 20/5/23 3pm)

But this is where the biases are driven from.

And people pointing out these obvious biases never use the word conspiracy.

Some use the term corruption, and in some instances the big questions surround corruption. I hope its not corruption, but if lets say a club sponsored by unimaginable wealth were to cloud their financial records to achieve victory, would they resort to other stuff?

The biases are there.
Its often media fuelled, and your examples are apt.
Its a hangover of the Murdoch driven media, and the anti Liverpool narrative that developed post the rag being binned by supporters. Add the rise of United and the narrative grows.

Refs like Tierney, Kavanagh have serious form when it comes to Liverpool. Tierney refs us too often…Brooks being awarded the Villa match is to say the least bizarre?

There is no grand conspiracy, I hate the word being used to demean any argument (not in this instance btw)…but there are biases by specific refs, which have cost Liverpool dearly.


I found it unusual that Klopp was told to serve his 1 match ban immeadiately and that the 2nd match ban can be served next season.

Yeah, why not serve the entire ban this season, there one more match left

The 2nd match is suspended I assume until the end of next season. Only kicks in if he is naughty again.


Channelling your inner Kenneth Williams?

Oooh you are awful Quickie

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More Dick Emery?

Or Frankie Howerd :0)


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“Titter ye not”.

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Bias, prejudice, call it what you like.

If anyone in England asks where you come from and you say Liverpool, the inmediate response is: “Oh oh, hold on to your wallet hehehehe. I’d better check my car, make sure it’s not on bricks hohoho.”

If anyone from another country asks where you come from and you say Liverpool, the response is: “Oh The Beatles, football.”

Managed decline? If a whole city and it’s people are biased against, wouldn’t this transfer to the football club called Liverpool? Just a question.


You left out, “I’d better count my fingers” after they shake your hand.


Less about the 2nd match ban and more about why it was that he had to serve the ban immediately ,why not the last game of the season away rather than the home game .

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I remember particularly that a massively disproportionate number of cards he’s issued in his career have gone to Merseyside teams.


There is no basis for completing the disciplinary process and delaying the start of the ban. This only seems quick because the disciplinary process was wrapped up quickly. But honestly, that’s in our favour. I’d rather it cover the game it did than the process drag on so the ban kicks in next season.

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I’m irritated that this is the image that is widely circulated without the following one, that I feel adds more context to where Trent is in relation to the trajectory of the ball:

Ball hit directly into his side, arm by his side (‘natural’ position), ironically wouldn’t even have the whole handball discussion at all if his arm were in an ‘unnatural’ position and hit his ribs instead; outside his silhouette, above his head etc.
I would really dislike it if becomes normal for players to punt the ball at oppositions’ arms and get handball calls.


It didn’t have to drag on as it could have been served on the last game.The fact he has another game hanging over him means that 1 does drag on though.

Yes, but the 2nd image doesn’t fit the narrative does it?

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Coming back into this thread a week later:

shocked donald glover GIF

That’s what a suspended sentence does. He only has one game to serve and there is no basis for allowing us to pick when we want that to be. It starts as soon as the process is completed.

Strange community we have here.