Post match: Liverpool v Leeds Utd (EPL 29/10/22 7.45pm)

Feel sick, disappointed, angry, wtf is going on…suppose the LUFC fans round here will gloat…but goalie cheats…sommerville tried to get robbo sent off…they sneakily and slyly have digs in the back of players…snidey fucking team…


I think we need to change our CB pairing…Nat Philips and a loan for Kabak will do the trick.

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There are far worse performers than Trent but as per usual you mention him.

Poor finishing has been our Achilles’ heel for years now. We should win pretty much every game we play, based on chances created, but our shooting is often straight at the keeper… or worse.

We lost in Paris due to crap finishing, amongst many other games where we have not won.


If this is yet another wakeup call this season, this team has apparently been hitting the snooze button over and over again.


I totally get why people are saying this team needs ripping up, but when you stop and think about it, who are you actually ripping up?

The goalkeeper? No way

The fullbacks? There might be an argument about moving Trent into midfield, but I don’t think we’re really binning off either.

The Centre Backs? It’s going to be a brave man to ditch VVD, and Konate is pretty new. We’re not going to get better deputies than Matip and Gomez.

The Attack? Mo Salah? No. Nunez? Jota? Diaz? I think that’s clearly no. Firmino perhaps, but he can play and experience off the bench role.

Midfield? This is where we need investment, but I don’t think there is a lot wrong with Hendo, or Thiago, and I’m sure Fabinho is carrying a knock. Jones is a perfectly good back up, and Elliott and Carvalho are just getting started.

So in reality, it’s the addition of 2-3 bodies, mostly in midfield. A page one rewrite of this team is totally unnecessary.


Nunez should have done better. Should have chipped the goalie as he was rushing out.

With the way this is going, for me the question isnt whether Klopp can get this back on track, but whether he has it in him anymore to try. He just looks drained by the confusion of why its going so wrong.

That winner is a perfect test case - no one did anything terribly wrong, but collectively we just didnt defend it well enough because we’re all just a step slow in our reactions.

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The squad which isnt going to the World Cup is off to Dubai.

They weren’t at all. They deserved it.

i didnt see that…

it was a resiliant at best display…the shots were saved by most PL keepers…copper(is it) gifted us a few moments…

right now it just feels like the mood frames the narative…we go into these games not entirely sure how we are going to score a goal…thats what it FEELS like…

we can pick apart midfield movement, formations and defensive errors till the cows come home…but until it gets clinical in front of goal and retaining possesion in the final third, it feels like an excercise in futility.

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Leeds not exactly great in defense, aside from Meslier. We had so many overloads against them. Very impotent. Not sure where you get running stats. Would love to know what our running has been this year versus other years. We seem pretty static.

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Thats too simple way of thinking the question still needs asking is he getting the best out of what he has available at the moment answer is simply no.

Should have just blammed it on the half volley. That’s what he normally does.

It would be good though if at least one of these could come in during the winter. We look really vulnerable in the middle of the park right now. Agree with you btw, Fabinho shows every signs of carrying a knock.

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My girlfriend quite helpfully pointed out that its remarkable that two teams so bad at the back have only scored 2 goals. She and the dog left the room sharpish on the 3rd


After $hitty and West Ham game, I thought we could start to dig deep and scrape over the line in games. Not so.

Notts Forest game Klopp put out a team with an eye on the Champions League, but just like in that game, our finishing (bar the Salah equalizer) was just not there.

Again, like against Forest, we had enough chances to win even despite gifting Leeds some big chances. Darwin should have done better in the first half when one on one at edge of the area. Meslier did well with the second chance he had by closing Darwin quick, but even so, Darwin should’ve seen the keeper closing and lifted the ball higher.

We recovered well after the gift of the first goal, but we need to find a way to not concede early. Fab again looked like he is saving himself for the WC. Klopp rightly bollocked him on the pitch in the first half.

Only positive is Harvey getting an extended run in the team, which will help him next season. Defensively he is not there, but these games are valuable experience.

Premier League football right now is less enjoyable than this nasty haemorrhoid I’ve been grappling with for the last few weeks.


Completely agree with this.


Van Dijk is literally coasting to the World Cup, Fabinho is done at this level, Bobby one good game in 10, Gomez has given to 4 errors leading to goals this season, we have 9 as a team.

Sentiment is great, but it’s why we just got beat by the two worse teams in the league in the last two games.