Pre- and In-Match Thread - Everton vs Liverpool - 24th April, 20:00

This is the sort of game I wish we could bring someone like Souness out of retirement.

Would love to see their ‘dogs of war’ come up against midfield with some proper mongrel

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Man City? The rumour I saw is that West Ham could sign him to replace Paqueta when City sign him.

Alli to replace Paqueta. :joy:

Will turn out like another Wilshere move.

Dele Alli gets lifeline as impending Man City transfer can gift him another chance at the top

Story by Ciaran McCarthy

An impending Manchester City transfer could reportedly pave the way for Dele Alli being given another chance at making it back at the top level.

Yes you are correct @Sweeting - I’ve re-read the whole post this time instead of just the headlines… Basically, if The Cheaters get their man from West Ham… Alli could be on his way to the London Stadium…!!


I will be making a 3pm visit to the pub…errr…dentist on Wednesday


I know they aren’t great but I think even Souness would struggle at 60

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I was confused when you said The Crown. Thank you for clarifying.

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You mean 70 :wink:

Fixed it for you

Why would anyone want that cunt anywhere near our club?

Souness was a fantastic player and captain for us (we’ll skip over his time as a manager :rofl: ) and has the right sort of mongrel in him to singlehandedly dominate their midfield


Oh come on, Simone and his cynical brand of football is just what those cunts need.

Maybe, but then we have to suffer it for the other 36 games.

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Cheaters, United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Sandcastle deserve that treatment too.

But yeah, large part of the season will be dire.

No. Not a mongrel, a pure bred Doberman!

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Endo and Hendo in the middle tomorrow…:wink:

You are kidding no one it’s about 8 degrees here :joy:

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Hendo is a Mackem, so anything in the positive would be like a heatwave for him :wink:

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Thinking more about Gomez.

Jota out for two weeks according to Klopp.


Typical of season. Fucks sake