Pre Match. Burnley vs Liverpool. Wednesday 19th May. PL

Once more with a lot of feeling.
I hope Kabak is fit.
Otherwise same 11.


Apparently out for remaining two games as well.

We’ll already know the result between Chelsea Leicester, but hope the team just focus and win without it creating any notions in the back of their minds.


It’s like we are the Turtles in the NES video game, just beat end boss Shredder and now we have to go back and beat Beebop and Rocksteady next week.


Alisson up top.

Any ten behind him.


Just Milner, if he is fit, for Curtis and Shaqiri nowhere near.

Trent Phillips Williams Robbo
Thiago Fab Gini
Salah Alisson Firmino


Ox :ox: and Milner to be ready for this so for me Fabinho back beside Phillips and Milner back in midfield.

It’s already here :wink:


Alisson up top

I don’t give a fuck about the other 10

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I promise not to watch


Respect your opinion but I NEVER want to see Fabinho line up at centre back again…ever.

When did we last win a game with him playing at the back?


Look :eyes: at the difference when he went back today, it turned a draw into a win. :joy: :joy:

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Thought Curtis Jones was one of our best players first half .Made runs into their box finding space that we failed to take advantage of and then when we were caught out at the back he reacted very quickly to prevent a WBA scoring chance. Would not be disappointed if he started again . Pity about Jota, cannot believe the number of injuries to key players we have had at important times this season. The bench is looking very thin now.

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Do. Not. Let. Today. Be. In. Vain.

The worst way to end this season would be to see that moment count for nothing. To finally play a game in front of fans and for it to end in disappointment. For the excitement of those European nights coming back to Anfield to be tainted with the thought it’ll be Real Betis and not Real Madrid.

After everything we’ve had chucked at us this season it’s a miracle we hold our destiny in our own hands. Just fucking get it done, put this season to the back of our memories and start next season full of hope and optimism rather than frustration and regret. Please.


Win at MU…doesn’t matter if Liverpool don’t win at WBA.
Win at WBA…doesn’t matter if Liverpool don’t win at Burnley.

Probably same back 4.
Most likely Gini for Jones.
Same front 3, no other options.


The only change I’ll be making is Gini for Jones. This might be harder game, and they have their fans back. But then again we are Liverpool. Could be a walk in the park.


Another tough opponent that try to bully us, must win and then the fans behind us for palace at home.

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I don’t think I’d stick Fabinho back in deserve still, I’d consider the Ox if we need a goal mind instead of Shaq (then again he hasn’t been much cop in the middle, does add pace going forward mind).

There main attack with pace will be through Dwight Neill otherwise it’s going be heading, thing was I praised Phillips and Williams for that but today they weren’t good in the slightest.

Really could do with Milner and maybe Gini with some rest will be better.

Doubt Milner starts if he is fit unless Klopp left him out under caution for this.

Start slow and you’ll see another game like today, start quick or hit the quickly then it should open up and allow us more chances on the break.

Hope Pope doesn’t start


Shaqiri did fuck all when he came on today.

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I know he did that’s why I said I’d stick on ox even though he hasn’t been impressive in that CM eithier.