Pre Match Chelsea vs Liverpool, Sunday 2nd Jan 2022 (!) - Premier League

With the sad withdrawals of the more lauded and decorated thread starters, I am afraid it left to me to step into the breach left by other, better men to try and bring this one home.

Chelsea’s form has been patchy of late and their much admired defensive strength has been thwarted in the main: Of the last six, won 2, drawn 3 and lost 1 for 9 points from a possible 18. They have also only scored 10 while conceding 8 for a paltry + 2 GD. Any way you shake it, its rather poor.

Our form was brilliant until falling away a bit very much due to our own failings (and some diabolical refereeing, it must be said). Last 6 sees 4 wins a draw and a loss for a creditable 13 points from a possible 18 having scored 11 and conceding 5. The dropped points have come in the last two games, however, which is a concern and some of the lads from front to back really need a bit of a kick up the back side.

Its been noted that some players missed training yesterday so not going to predict a midfield but I think its a safe bet that Salah, Mané and Jota start up front while the back five will probably remained unchanged although Konaté in for Matip could be a shout.

With Arsenal likely to roll over and get their belly tickled by City tomorrow we could be facing a 12 point gap by the time we kick off on Sunday so if we still want to be running in this race then the lads need to stop faffing about and give Chelsea a kicking.



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It’s over to you then Bud.

Of course , I cannot be held responsible if we lose , but do expect some recognition if we win. :wink:


Just did my combined XI.

Apparently ‘Liverpool’ is one of our top 3 midfielders

they on on the ropes, and their big summer signing is realising they are utter crap and is looking to get outta dodge. If we don’t batter them like a scottish mars bar then I’ll be expecting a ruthless clearout of thread starters in January


If we lose this one, I’m stepping up. Not a great record, but I feel like it could be an Origi style redemption story.

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I’ve not started one since a shocking Milk Cup loss (at least it feels that long ago) so am still working away in the gym building up towards my shot, but not yet at the level to be considered

Kanté for Fabinho in mine.

“Liverpool” is what they turned Thiago into… :thinking:

Jurgen Klopp says Thiago Alcantara has a hip problem and will miss Chelsea. Liverpool have 3 new Covid cases in first team.

Think Ali missed training

Did not see Kelleher either, saw Adrian though

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Not jet …

Guys…stop with the good news.

I feel guilty after such a wonderful few weeks.

More good news you want? :innocent:

The COVID players will probably not be available for the Arsenal match either Klopp said a moment ago …

Going to miss this one as well. Hoping we’ll get the new thread starter bounce. I mean what’s even the point otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is the ref Tierney with Coote on VAR?

Kelleher was saving one in the Thursday training.

No Firmino, Morton, Alisson or Origi with the other two labelled out by Klopp anyhow.

I doubt we are getting anything if we lose anymore…

No Taylor is the ref and Tierney is the VAR, I kid you not, same shite different names.

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Thank you :+1: did not see him in the training video

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Well, saves me from having to watch it at least!

So let’s get this straight, Origi and Minamino are still injured at a time when they’re expected to step up and start playing quite a few games?

If I were a youth team forward, I’d be over the moon right now.