PRE MATCH: Liverpool v Leicester City (EPL - Sunday, 22 November at 7:15pm)

Fecking hell…

I honestly only realised this is a Sunday night game. Pros and cons to that, but since I won’t be at a pub watching it…more cons than pros atm.

Right…since the last formation I posted did not get too much traction, I will leave that to you lot.

However, can anyone confirm…how many fit players are we down to??

Please tell me it is more than 11…



Go easy on me…it’s my first time…


Here’s that formation, in case anyone was wondering…the whole plan falls down without Trent and Mo…


We’ll give a statement to the league that we aren’t affected with the off field stuff.


It could be a five a side game by the time we play this,we’ll still win with an Adrian hat trick.


Oh yes…we will win.

That mentality we’ve all been banging on about for years doesn’t just dissipate after a few setbacks.


Alisson, Milner, Williams, Matip, Robertson, Keita, Henderson, Gini, Diego, Bobby, Sadio.



Give Naby a start for sure.


I think Thiago and Fabinho will be back for this.


Milner Matip Fabinho Robertson


Keita Thiago

Mane Firmino Jota

Just for fun

Neco Matip Nat Tsimikas
Wijnaldum Milner Keita
Shaqiri Jota Mane

Still got Adrian, Rhy, Takumi, Firmino and Origi to choose from.

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Is that the correct spelling of his surname???

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@RedJedi remember this one?

Mo to have another covid test on Thursday and if negative he will be allowed to fly back to Liverpool so he might yet start v leicester. :+1:

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We had like 1000 scoring chances in that game.

One of the games where I wouldn’t trust Nat or Rhys but on the other hand last thing we should do this season is to rush players (Fabinho / Thiago) back or should ask players (Hendo / Robbo) to play through the pain.

Where is the poster who writes ‘this is the most important game of the season…’

because under current circumstances this is really the most important one so far.


Boudica doesn’t let him out until match day.


You can’t make this shit up.

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Nice of them to give us the last game of the weekend so we’ll be playing 3 games in 5 1/2 days after an international break. With a squad decimated by injuries to our key players by fucking yard-dogs and pointless internationals none of us give a fuck about.
Why not troll us some more and appoint Coote as the VAR referee? Oh, they have done? Fucking wonderful.
This is one of very few games in the season where we have to adapt our game to counter the opposition. Play a high line against these and they’ll dink balls over the top for Steptoe to run on to and it’ll make the Villa game look like a defensive masterclass.
We need to defend deep and crowd centre midfield forcing them wide. Don’t allow Tielemans and Maddison the opportunity to pick a way through the middle.
They’re a good team who will turn anyone over on their day if you allow them to play to their strengths But they can be got at in equal measure. They are missing key players at the back and are vulnerable.
I’m going worse case scenario and don’t think either Hendo or Robbo will play. On the upside I’m hoping Tiago and Fabinho will be back. If we can field a starting 11 of Alisson - Milner, Matip, Fabinho, Tsimikas - Tiago, Keita, Gini - Mane, Bobby, Jota then I’ll be as happy as I can be under the circumstances. That leaves Shaqiri, Minamino, Jones, Divock and Phillips as options off the bench, not too shabby.
3-2 to the English and world champions.


No problem with this one being Sunday evening - gives us time to regroup after the injurynational break.

Klopp will be fuming that the Brighton game has a Saturday early kick off after playing in the CL on Wednesday.

Last week he backed Ole with the criticism of that and that Brighton fixture feels like a punishment now.

Wednesday night CL.
Thursday regeneration.
Friday light training and travel.
Saturday early kick off.