Pre-match: Southampton v Liverpool, Sunday 28th May, 16:30

It’s more to give others a chance who wouldn’t get it than giving players a rest. Klopp said yesterday he’ll make changes as it doesn’t make sense to risk everything when there’s nothing to play for.

I dont know I’d enjoy watching some of the players we don’t see much

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I get that, but there is opportunity for Salah to hit 20 goals…for Curtis to get much needed on pitch time…for Trent to play into new role


The only ones I’d be interested in seeing are the ones who will be here next season. Bobby and Milly got their moments last week, I’d rather Carvalho got a run out - probably from the bench.

If Robertson is injured then it might be interesting to see Gomez in Robbo’s place, with Robbo spending some of his time now as a left CB then Gomez seems more of a replacement for him than Tsimikas.

So basically

Trent Konate vDijk Gomez
Henderson Fabinho Jones
Salah Gakpo Diaz


Yeah, no point playing someone like Keita.

Also, no point taking any risk over certain injuries, etc. Some will still have international football between now and start of pre-season.

I still expect Tsimikas to stay and probably start here if Robbo is a doubt.

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Play as strong a team as possible whilst being more conservative with fitness doubts than we would if there was something on the line. Not interested in seeing a poor team be selected just for the sake of it, it’s still a competitive game.


I put Curtis in to play.

Salah tbh I don’t massively care for individual records for him, maybe harsh but I’d rather see some fringe lads play than our better players seek more goals. Maybe I’m wrong in that thought.

With Trent. I’m still unsure if we will go with his role next season, but think there is time for him to learn the role next preseason rather than one dead rubber game at the end of the season

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While it is a dead rubber, if it is worth playing it is worth winning.
I’d hope we look forward here a bit though, like putting more emphasis on players staying than those going,obviously give some minutes to the kids who are right on the fringes now.
Certainly don’t risk any further injuries among those coming back into contention.

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I agree.
Much as we love Bobby and Milly, their goodbyes were appropriate at Anfield.

Ox and Naby won’t feature.

Would have been different had it been a home match. A stronger team to put a show for the stadium.

But with this being an away match and nothing to play for , keep a mixture of first team and youth.

Nothing much for the likes of Ox , Naby to play.

Smash them, it’s irrelevant.

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I’d play Naby. I’d make him do an obstacle course as his warm-up too, and then play him at centre-back before sending him off to his national squad :grinning::+1:

I may not see all of this match after all. My wife has suggested that we go along to the local Schützenfest which is a traditional German festival put on by the local rifle club that neatly combines the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol with firearms. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

I’m now hoping that we could give a runout to a couple of the younger fringe players who will be there next season. The result may not matter but this is a competitive game that we could get something else useful from.

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Havent seen the full team but saw on twitter that Kelleher is starting



From the BBC:

  • 62 Kelleher
  • 66 Alexander-Arnold
  • 32 Matip
  • 2 Gomez
  • 21 Tsimikas
  • 7 Milner
  • 3 Fabinho
  • 17 Jones
  • 11Salah
  • 9 Firmino
  • 20 Jota


  • 5 Konaté
  • 13 Adrián
  • 14 Henderson
  • 18 Gakpo
  • 19 Elliott
  • 23 Díaz
  • 28 Carvalho
  • 29Arthur
  • 46 R Williams

A final hurrah for Bobby and Milner, then.


No Allisson, no VVD? I know that this is a dead rubber, but still?

Doesn’t surprise me. They may be carrying injuries, or we may be seeing the last of Kelleher, Gomez or Matip…

FSG saving on their appearance bonuses. Cheapskates.