PreMatch | Brighton & Hove Albion vs Liverpool | PL Matchday 20 | Saturday January 14th 15:00h | Amex Stadium

Time to turn this around.

TAA Matip Konate Robertson
Henderson Fabinho Thiago
Salah Firmino Nunez



We got no chance.

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Change to 442 play Naby in midfield with usual 3 and Mo and Darwin up front.

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@GermanRed Please can you add the relevant information to the OP.

What are your stats for the last 10 Prematch threads you have started plus will you be getting back on form by informing us that a goal has been scored 2 minutes before we get to see it?

I await your response :+1:

0-8 just to counter @The-AllMightyReds pessimism!

If we play those 3 OAPs against Mac Allister and Caicedo this could be as brutal as Brentford.

Klopp and Ljinders need to figure out a way to combat their superiority in midfield, hopefully it’s not just more of the same.

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The only way to combat it is signing them before the game.

Got to hope Keita is fit and ready.

Also noted no Bajectic on the bench.

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Before the WC, we either flipped the structure to 4-4-2 or played more Nunez inside left. Would be good to finally have Bobby back (although who knows what shape he’s in). But I’m afraid Klopp needs to reconsider again some things. Balance is not good at the moment. Conceding, leaking, we don’t keep the ball well enough and we need too many chances to score.

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Might be playing for the u21’s tomorrow.

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Hope so.

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I’m at a very unfamiliar point in my relationship with this team. I kow dread up coming games. At least in the injury hit shit show of a season there was a clear explanation for what was wrong, and a sense that even that side would come together and gradually build steam as players made their way back one by one. This year, it just has a horrible feeling. We are playing badly enough that anyone could knock us over, and there is no one here we can put out who is going to make a difference. And likely no one coming in to fill in gaps.


This is how I see it.

I’m not sure what the time off did, our form was patchy but I felt we were better than this for most of it, the games before the World Cup weren’t bad and we seemed to have settled on an idea. I really don’t think we can continue with 4-3-3 it’s just not working, but we seemed to have gone about it. Maybe we should take chances on some players rather than basing a formation on what we have.

After our last couple of performances away to Brighton will be a very tough game.

A draw at best …

My references include a thread which says I should never ever open a pre match thread again.

TAA VVD Konate Robertson
Bellingham Thiago
Salah Jota Diaz

Assuming people can be registered in time and recover from slight knocks.

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Have a bad feeling Jota won’t make the cut so Nunez in his place, otherwise I agree.

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This is the perfect chance for us to show Caicedo why we need him.