The Boxing and MMA thread

Must admit I’ve had sympathies for Fury when he returned after his mental health problems and actually hoped that he would take all the titles from AJ.

But he seems to be a guy who becomes more unlikeable after every success.

Nowadays he is just an embarrassing character who talks shit when he opens his mouth.

Can’t take anyone serious who retires after every fight (‘because he promised it to his wife’) and returns as if he never said anything.

Unfortunately I’ve knew he would beat every current boxer in the division. I am sure he will beat AJ if it ever happens and unfortunately I can’t see Usyk beat him.

He’s an absolute prick and the biggest hypocrite going. Can’t stand listening to him preach about his own mental health issues given how he treats and acts towards others.

It’s a shame that he would comfortably box Joshua’s head off and Usyk is far too small to cause him any problems either. Joyce is the one who likely stands a chance considering his head could seemingly survive being lashed with a meteorite, but despite how impressive he has been he’s still yet to really show anything that makes me think he’d be capable of outboxing somebody of Fury’s level.

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Watched a bit of Dubois and then Fury.

Don’t mind Fury and his trash talk, he’s been talking the same way ever since I know of him. Just don’t take what he says too seriously and that’s it. That goes for practically every fighter, but especially him.

They all try to spin things, you get more quality ones and less quality ones. It’s always the same. Not every trash talker is good, not every “good boy” is attractive either. At least for me.

Nothing unexpected last night, apart from a few good body shots by Delboy in the 1st round. Thought Fury would stop him earlier, the fight was too one sided.

Have to mention Wonderboy Thompson for his performance last night. Great fight overall. Really like Wonderboy and his skills/approach.

Dubois is another myth of a heavyweight who’ll get badly exposed by a top ranked guy, reminds me exactly of AJ when he was coming through.

Thought he was going to quit in the 2nd round but the South African cruiserweight was very naive in letting him recover and then ended up paying the ultimate price.

Really looking forward to Eubank Smith next month, shame it’s not at the M&S bank otherwise I’d definitely have gone.

First round submission win in your first fight in the UFC at 18 years of age, pretty impressive.

Darren Till might be done in the UFC. Not a good showing from him, just cannot defend well enough against takedowns.

Ehhhhh not sure about Paddy getting the UD there. Very fortunate.

Paddy lost that fight comfortably.

He’s not a top 20 fighter in that division, there are a lot of people that will fuck him up badly. The UFC should need to pick his next opponent carefully if they want to keep pushing him. Tony Ferguson is the obvious one.

PtB said he knew he had won he first 2 rounds easily enough so coasted the 3rd to save taking any injury risks :man_shrugging:

Bullshit, he arguably lost all 3. Definitely didn’t win the first (I think) round.

His words not mine… I ain’t going to argue with him :0)

Big fight between Eubank and Smith this weekend in Manchester.

Have to say been enjoying all the build up and media, watched all the Press Conferences / Gloves are Off / Behind the Ropes so far and looking forward to more of that up until the night.

Think Eubank by close decision.

BEEFY KO’s Eubank!!!

What an uppercut. Massive Liverpool crowd in Manchester Arena tonight.



That’s some crap refereeing there, doesn’t even put his hands up or walk towards him.

Eubank was staggering all over the shop.

What’s crazy is even after ref waved it off, Eubank got up and went over to Liam almost to carry on fighting and Liam’s trainer actually had to rush over and hold Eubank back before his corner eventually got in the ring…if Mcnally hadn’t done that it could’ve led to something far more serious.

Roy Jones, as sad as it is to say, has done that man no good…better being left to train himself and being a lesser version of his father.

How are people seeing the Gane/Jones fight going this morning? Would love to see Gane win but a smart man never bets against Jon Jones.

¡Hermanaaaaa! :mexico: :mexico: :mexico:

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Never trust a Frenchman :white_flag:

Always been a bitgJonny Bones fan. I didnt have the energy to stay up and watch it, so was up at 8 to watch it. Bit of an anti climax as he finished it so quick, but tmthats what happens if you let an elite fighter get your neck. Was hoping it would stay on the feet longer and go through other rounds.

Shevchenko losing was a surprise. Suspect she gets a rematch pretty quick

Bo looks the real deal too.