The Boxing and MMA thread

One of the nastiest KOs I’ve seen in a while. Clearly badly hurt from the leg kick prior but at that level you cannot afford to turn away and lower your hands for a second.

Nick Ball should get the decision here, dominated the 2nd half of that fight.

Liverpool should have a new World Champ on their hands, probably the most exciting fighter out of LIverpool right now.

Wow, a draw. Robbery. 113-113, 116-110 Ball and one stupid cunt gave it by Vargas by 2 rounds.

Didnt expect the Maori back up dancers in the drive way

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Wow, did not see Garcia putting Haney down 3 times and beating him on points, last result I expected but fair to him right man won. £20 well spent and glad I stayed up for it.

Rollercoaster ride :joy:

I’ve seen some pretty embarrassing things in my time watching boxing……John Fury today takes the biscuit…then you’ve got the security guy holding back the lad who’s just stood there having been headbutted. What a world we live in.

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White trash

Sigh. Tyson has periodically earned himself some goodwill with some of his appearances and interviews, but he and his family are never far away from reminding you exactly who they are.


There is a menace and arrogance with the Fury camp. They really are the same vein as McGregor and his cohort. Murky sordid people whose appreciation of sport, money, trappings and fame has enlarged an already oversized ego.

I always want Tyson Fury to lose. I know people have cited him as an advocate for people with mental health issues etc, but he really isn’t. His form of recovery is out of reach of most people. Thats the shame of things.

His record in boxing, rules wise is peppered with difficulty.

I really wanted AJ to be the one to hammer him into the ground, but I don’t think that will ever happen. Uzyk will hopefully.
But the truth is, boxing like most sports is fucked by rich seedy cunts, and the juggernauts will win in most cases.

Still hope he gets knocked out in the first.


I see we’re all on Team Usyk, then.


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Is their capacity for speech really that bad they all share the same voice :rofl:

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I enjoy watching Fury fight but hate everything else about him and his entourage.

As much as a rate Usyk I expect Fury to knock him out :see_no_evil:

Tyson Fury punching himself in the face 2 animated gif

Shame Laura Woods won’t be there to host the coverage and wish her a speedy recovery, that injury looks fucking horiffic

Anyone with a better stream (less ads etc) than this?

I think the Sanchez vs Kabayel fight is next.

The top link has worked throughout for me. No ads after the initial deluge.

Another big win for Agit Kabayel :de:

A main event fight should be next for him but we all know who controls the boxing circus.

Good to see you back. Hope that all has been well.

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It always makes me laugh when you see young lads showing off their six packs and biceps, etc. Look at the two guys in the photo above; either of them would fucking batter you.

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