The Cricket Thread

Looking at those pictures, how the hell is that bad light. Must have been a dreadfully premature reading yesterday.

Suggestion it was, it’s always brighter than it looks mind, but yeah I said they needed to be careful with it due to the day lost, evidently they didn’t which is silly.

Anyhow afternoon changed this game on its head as much as the morning looked like it was going the other.

The joy of test cricket.

Not entirely true if you’re making an honest attempt to get “in”

I once did the opposite, I dived to get in and deflected the ball onto the stumps which broke the bails before I was in. Rare one that.

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Oh yeah of course that’s not an issue at all.

It’s the deliberate one that’s going to be given out. Rare indeed:

Great summer of Test cricket. It’s been fantastic entertainment.
Looking forward to seeing England on tour.

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Whens the next Ashes tour in Australia? :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Might make it to a one dayer in November


Well that was an amazing effort by the Pakistan openers. I didn’t think they had a hope but 200 unbeaten off 20 overs :flushed:

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Stunning knocks from the openers. Need more pace.

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Why oh why does Willey get a game. Unless it swings he is 80mph cannon fodder. Same as Curran.

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In Pakistani conditions completely toothless. Sadly our genuine pace cadre has been decimated by injuries.

Is Tymal Mills injured too?

Duckett and Brook today, oh my. England definitely need to find a way to get Brook in particular into this team. A middle of order of him, Ali, Stokes and Livingstone is explosive to say the least.

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Definitely cannot have both in the same team. Curran has at least shown he can be competent with the bat as a bit of a pinch hitter, Willey has always way underperformed with the bat at international level. Both are useless with the ball outside of the first couple of overs when the ball might swing. I doubt either will get into the team anyway with the likely return of both Stokes and Woakes.

Supporting the Pakistan cricket team must be an absolutely mental experience.

Hell of a game there. England should have chased that down on that pitch really, Dawson did brilliantly to get them back into a position to win it.


Silly running at the end there. Anyhow it’s entertaining at least.

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I’ve been watching cricket for a long time.

Pakistan have always been the one team who could demolish anyone on their day but also lose to someone terrible.

They have been the most unpredictable side for decades now.


Talent in SPADES!

Also inconsistency in SPADES!


The most unpredictable side for decades except for the spot fixers.

Really annoyed me some really talented players resorted to match fixing. Mo Asif in particular. What a bowler he was! I have a soft spot for quality pace bowlers (except any Aussie ones).


Any comment about the “controversial” run out to end the women’s game against India?

The BBC had 2 reports on it that presented multiple POVs to express the controversy but not once in either did they call out the batter for not being more careful (or as it’s a discussion at least partly about ethics), or honest about making sure she stayed in her crease until the ball was delivered.

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