The Cricket Thread

Oh no doubt would say he is the best across all formats currently one hell of a player.

That was a damp end to the T20 this next series is the more important mind.

I suppose this could be in the car thread too. The crash was in January​:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Totally gassed.

Played final practice game, 30 retired to give the numbers 3 and 4 a go since we were only chasing 89 and my fellow opener and I crunched 65 of just 5 and a bit overs. Carnage.

Since it ended up pretty quick, coach laid on another practice session after that. Play cricket, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Fuck me. :face_with_head_bandage:

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If I were your captain it would be hitting the bar with severe prejudice :slight_smile:


Seeing India Vs Pakistan ODI.

snoozefest with Pak not even attempting to put up a fight.

Weird. they usually resort to knuckle dusters then burn the stadium down.

Generally don’t bother about cricket that much nowadays let alone meaningless ODIs. But this was an actual tournament and Pak is a good ODI team (atleast the rankings show that).

For them to offer virtually nothing when India scored 350 odd and get eventually all out for 120 odd is shit. They could still have tried to get the NRR down.

You don’t think there’s betting-related shenanigans involved here do you?

Let’s be honest, would we be surprised?

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Not really on this particular match.

If you’ve read up on the Asia Cup happenings with India refusing to play in Pakistan and basically forcing the tournament to be shifted partly. The Asia Cup was treated by Pakistan cricket as a way to get one up on BCCI and the Indian cricket team.

…by capitulating?!

Doesn’t mean fixing etc didn’t happen in the past and doesnt happen now. But with the state of Pakistan cricket being what it is… I’ll be highly surprised if this did turn out to be a fixed match

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Which was the more surprising result. Pak in that match did have their chances in the first 10 or so overs… Loads of plays and misses and india getting some luck… Couple of dropped chances there as well.

India and Pakistan barely play against each other as it is. No bilateral cricket between the two teams. For Pakistan to wantedly tank this one won’t help their cricket much.

Which is the reason why this match alone , and any india pakistan cricket matches are fought on the rationale of nationalist pride… Post 2009 atleast.

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A pretty shocking decision from the video umpire in the 3rd SA-Aus ODI. I think the umpires will have to explain how having two spread fingers on the back end of the ball and the ball bouncing fairly obviously off the ground on the front (uncovered end) of the ball is out. That just does not make sense. You could hear the video ump saying he is satisfied he had his fingers under it. Under what?

Fucking idiot.

Anyway ,seems Pakistan might get across to the final if they beat srilanka.

Hopefully it’s a closer fight.

Srilanka manage to get past Pakistan. Good match to watch.

I’ll pick them to win the finals in Colombo as well as upset quite a lot of teams in the world cup as well.

Liverpool of International Cricket struggling in the asia cup

Good bowling attack, not a good enough batting line up to worry the better teams. India, England and Australia are the clear favourites for me. NZ and SA outside bets as usual but doubt either will finally make that final step.

They didn’t have their front line bowling attack for this series and still made the finals.