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If they can restrict teams to 250ish then they have a chance. Thing is the other major contenders bat really deep and have a number of superstar batsman, Sri Lanka don’t have that and I imagine they will struggle a lot when chasing.

I would back England to win again, but without Archer and with some confusion around the batting India look to be the safer bet, even though England have dispatched them with ease in recent tournaments.

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Don’t see India winning. Not because of lack of talent , but the selection.

The existing india squad have too few people who can play spin.

Home advantage will help them. They need some clarity in selection though, always seems to be a lot of talk around the batting line up. Too many voices around the team with input it seems.

Just seen the SA scorecard, Klaasen 174 (83). 13 4s and 13 6s, Adam Zampa bowling 10 overs for 113 runs. Equals the record for the worse bowling figures in a ODI. Yikes.

There are guys like Rohit and KL… Even Kohli I dare say who shouldn’t be anywhere near the limited overs setup. Despite their past achievements.

India’s got the problem of plenty. There are enough people in the domestic leagues who don’t get a chance because of the Indian team setup of getting back established players once they either come back from injury or they go and score runs in the domestic.

At this point , a India team of maybe Gill , Bumrah , Pandya , Jadeja with the rest all comprising of domestic/IPL guys (jaiswal , tilak Varma etc) will beat the first choice indian team hands down

SL collapsing way too easily.40/8 in a final

Cricket World Cup about to start soon.


First game of the season. Won by 3 wickets chasing 105. Disappointing 5 runs from yours truly opening. In my defence, pitch looked like the surface of the moon, spinners were on after just 2 overs, got one pitched just beyond halfway, went back to pull and hit under the roll right in front of middle. Unplayable, really, and I wasn’t the only one dismissed bowled/lbw to shooters. After a pre season playing on decent pitches and some artificial practice pitches, Southern Natal Cricket Union puts us on an underprepared grenade launcher. I umpired the first game of the day, was picking up pieces off the pitch knocked out in the 1st over! Cunts. Result matters, batters stats all look pretty harsh though.

Moment of the day, umpiring the 1st game as I said, underdogs 9 down and 7 runs needed off two balls to win by the side playing the favourites to win our division; favourites quick bowls a wide, keeper balls it up, 10 and 11 run two (edit, was a dot here). 4 Runs to Win off the last ball, number 11 smashes quick for 4 over his head, cue pandamonium. Gotta love it.

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Excuses, excuses.

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Yeah, really. He missed a long hop. Shameful stuff!


Fucking tough crowd on here, geez. hangs head in shame

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Two more games yesterday that were decided by DLS method.

Another one abandoned today, the weather is going to do for this World Cup I think.

Monsoon should be ending around now.

*should be :joy:


What an unnecessary runout :man_facepalming:t2:

Just tuned in and thought my stream was 30+ minutes behind because of this comment. :rofl:

I just don’t understand any batsman taking on Marnus. Especially if he has a 2 metre headstart.


As if batting first would have made them win a match when they had lost 5 wickets for 2 runs.