The Cricket Thread

If we can get Jaiswal out cheaply then I think the rest of the Indian batting line up can be quite fragile… maybe

There might well be some other batsman who comes to the fore in other matches.

More importantly, the temperature will increase now and that will play a part. Hyderabad was comfortable and the other venues (including this one will get more hot and humid as the early summer kicks in)

The fifth is in dharamshala where England should feel pretty comfortable w.r.t climate but Saurashtra and Ranchi are going to be uncomfortable weather wise.

I don’t see Jimmy playing all three remaining tests.

Gave themselves too much to do again

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The soulless tiki-taki boring ‘Pep ball’ good football? I’m not surprised ‘fans’ who only see this end up being fickle supporters.


agree with this…some of the movement is sublime, the technical skill is amazing…passages of play on a highlights reel can look good…

but its boring to watch…actually boring.


Leach out for the series and some doubt over Ahmed’s involvement due to more visa issues. England choosing not to call up a replacement spinner seems a bit odd. Probably won’t be an issue for the next test on what is thought to be a pretty flat pitch, Wood coming in here makes sense as that extra pace will likely be needed if England are to force a result.

3 players on the 1 tour all having visa issues.

How does 1 go about applying for the job of Team Manager for a cricket team? I could do the fucking job better than whoever is currently doing it


Going to be a long slog for the English bowlers. JA and MW can only bowl short spells, so Hartley, Ahmed and Root will have to bowl the bulk of the overs.


Fly Fishing

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Looking forward to see Sarfaraz , there’s a good batsman there.

Run out at the time when Sarfaraz was looking dangerous.

Run outs are England’s best hope.

Not sure I’d like it if my captain reacted in the way Rohit did in the dressing room.

Day went pretty much as expected, quite a flat pitch and India cashed in. That missed catch by Root proved to be crucial. Anderson was unlucky not to take a wicket in his spell when he had the ball reversing.

All turned a bit on the DRS over turn (or when I went bed)

Your decision to go to bed will be seen as pivotal in the direction of the match. It’s unlikely that England will recover from that blow.

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England’s fielders, dismayed and distracted by MH’s going to bed antics, have forgotten how to catch.

That Pope dismissal looked harsh. Huge swing and ball tracking says it might have clipped the leg stump bail. Why no umpire’s call?

Nervous for Root now :grimacing:

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Excellent by England, but still a lot of work to do. I really hope Root can get some runs tomorrow.

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