The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 3)

Continuing the discussion from The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2) - #10205 by gb1986.

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Who.The. Fuck??

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Best midfielder on the market, Endo discussion.


Someone on here suggested Endo a few days ago, I think mostly based on him being Japanese and that they seem like a decent bunch. That person needs to claim there £10 if this is true.


From what I see he’s 30 and captain of Stuttgart and Japan. Maybe signing him along with an exciting younger player? :man_shrugging:t2:

@GermanRed ITK

Not sure where I’ve posted it.

Not a fan of signing stop gaps.

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Never seen him, never heard of him, but he’s bloody amazing!

Good enough for a year or 2 until Bajcetic develops?

Good player


From Hendo to Endo, a signing for the (H)ages.


Fuck me I thought Amarabat was the bottom of the barrel.

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Pearce on it already.

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Maybe it’s the 2 of them

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Wataru talking about, Endo is a decent player.

If he comes in as the more experienced head alongside another younger player I don’t think it’s a bad move tbh.


When you’re not using punctuation, I take it that you’re using sarcasm. Please tell me that you’re not being sarcastic and that this is a great transfer, even though the guy is 30, we’ve become something of a laughing stock in transfer market and I don’t have a clue about him.

Edit: this Endo fella, he’s a midfield equivalent of Schmadtke, isn’t he?

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we need to sign two midfielders really. if we can get him for a decent fee and there’s one more coming in I won’t be getting too worked up about this.

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Make sure to open his thread ASAP.