THIAGO Alcantara: 2023/24

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Different opinions. I think Thiago did really well in the first two seasons. Played around 30 games or more in that period which is what’s expected from his injury output, and was a key player in the almost near perfect 2021-22 season.


Wasn’t there a point when he was being overplayed and I don’t think we’ve really seen him since.

I don’t think he was a bad signing and he has shown in periods why we bought him I just don’t think he is entirely suited to the intensity of here.

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He was an absolute joy to watch, and not just in his Brazilian flair but his British combativeness. That all made him a key performer in one of the best sides we’ve ever had. It was never going to be a long run thing given the age at which we signed him, but by god it was good when it was good. Like much of this group, his time will end with far fewer trophies than it deserved, but the journey they took us on was amazing.


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That gif looks like the start of a BDSM scene

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