Villarreal vs Liverpool, CL Semi Final @Estadio de la Cerámica on 03rd May 2022, 20h00 GMT,

Trent was the better offer there

Best player for us is the ref, he’s not buying into any dives.


Fuck shit bollcoks. Just found out Ive been roped into a work call at 4pm (start of second half here). Fingers crossed we’re 2-1 up in this game by the end of this half.

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Stay calm lads we will score next.


Fucking power failure so no TV plus its affected all the mobile networks so I have an internet connection that is looking at dial up in envy. Can’t watch fuck all, the Beeb page barely loads, finally get on here and I’m reading all this in a rising panic. Fuck.


I’m completely chilled! I have no worries about this game at all :slight_smile:


How was that not a foul

Go outside and photograph some hyenas.

Or something.

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Good man ^^

Down the pub quick.

Another one that should have been our free kick

let me put it like this - atm you’re not missing greatness

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Our pressing is terrible, what’s going on? Like the first half when City walked through us at ease.

Seeing the worst of Fabinho in this game.

Another one of those who thinks the southern hemisphere is crawling with deadly beasties.

As I said to my mate Steve Irwin, that time…

Calm down everyone. They’ll blow themselves out and we’ll win 3-1. We’ve seen this before


They look like a totally different side but both sides do I guess.

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Offside blow earlier

What a shit pitch…not even a championship pitch…

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Fuck sake Jota