Villarreal vs Liverpool, CL Semi Final @Estadio de la Cerámica on 03rd May 2022, 20h00 GMT,

This is on us, pathetic start. Literally every single thing you don’t want to do we’ve done it.

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Unai with a face that looked like he had to drop the kids off in the pool for last 30min

Our goal

Needed that to go in to calm the nerves a bit

It’s as though we expected them to sit back rather than press

ride this for a few more minutes and they will calm their asses down

Diaz on please.

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We’ll pick them off as they tire in the second half.


It’s irrelevant what they do if we can’t pass to our own player. Mane has had 5 touches and each one has bounced 20 yards away from him.

Looks like it’s time for me to exit this thread

The Office Reaction GIF


Diogo, Mo, Sadio. Feel free to show up anytime lads, it’s not like there’s a final at stake here,

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Wake up or bye bye quad.

That’s what she said.

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Is there no drainage in this ground…

What are you doing Naby.

Awful start.
Keita been dreadful.

We just need to keep calm and not push as we needed a goal right the next second. VR will tire a lot if they keep that up.

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So has everyone else.


Keira and Robertson been average

Coquelin is a huge cunt, can tell he used to play for Arsenal.

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