Pre- In- and Post-Match: LASK vs Liverpool, September 21 Thursday 17:45

Just the one full kit for me when I was 10. I was so happy. Have a few shirts now, my fav is Daddy 07. Mostly just wear a quite restrained grey crest polo. Have an Owen signed one somewhere which is worth fuck all :wink:

I’ve got a solution! Mix the home and away top-shirts combo. And wear one home sock with one away sock. Still technically full kit but less coordinated :rofl:

The sight of a full red kit on a 60 year old bloke is concerning.

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Game against West ham to follow which will be tough.

Main saving grace is that West ham play later than us and have less of a recuperation time



Worked for Milner.


Seemed reasonable to me, 250 euro in a premier inn, flight was only £105, so once I have halved the room with my mate it will work out around £220 for a day and night in Dublin I thought that was ok.

If we make it to the final it will be even better.


Not too bad. I remember we had Bruce Springsteen (or any big event) come and hotels whacked prices up to 600 per night for some shoddy rooms.

We have a big issue with our pricing of hotels so you’ve done well booking. I’d advise all to have booked if we get to Quarters or Semis really.

If we get to final or if not give me a message and I can show you the good pubs for drinks !!


When Liverpool win the semi final they will cancel your booking and sell the roomfor €2000 per night.
Being going on for last couple of years.

I’m sure you’ll put him up if that happens :grin:


Good luck with that.Wait till you see the price of drink and food .

Yeah obviously I’m expecting the the same again in spending money.

Also did a bit of research and I can see you only really get stung on drink prices if you go in the ‘Tourist’ bars. There seems to be plenty of places to eat and drink at reasonable prices if you venture a bit on the outer side on Temple Bar.

I know this happens on, and Air B+B. But I figured Premier Inn wouldn’t do this would they?

It did cross my mind.

Sorry for the thread derail btw, I did look for a Europa League Thread but didn’t see one.

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Ehh it’s fine pal, wouldn’t worry about it we can all relate.

Link below for the Europa thread if you ever wanted to use;

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I think we will go stronger than expected by majority in this thread. This is arguably the hardest match of the group stage for us (LASK was in the pot 2 for the draw). And Klopp himself stated the starting lineup would not be “experimental”. Although quite a few changes can be expected, Klopp will not change the full 11.

As much as I would love Kelleher to be given time in the Europa League, I think Klopp will stick to Becker in goal. Virg and Ibou could use some game time after a layoff - add to that Quansah suffered a minor knock and Gomez will have to play at RB. Salah is a nailed-on starter in European matches for Klopp (he will probably be rested in the second half).

So I think we will go with something like this:
-Elliott-Endo-Mac Allister-

Then (hopefully early should the team cruise to a comfortable lead) in the second half the likes of Doak, Bajcetic, Gravenberch can hope for a decent share of minutes.

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Looking at the players who have travelled to Linz, it’s a bit disappointing to see a full-strength squad. I understand Klopp wants a strong start to the campaign and many senior players need the minutes to speed-up their fitness; but it looks like an overkill. Most of these players would be playing again on Sunday as well.


We’ll pretty much be taking the full squad wherever we go throughout the tournament bar maybe 1 or 2 kids.

UEFA pretty much allows you to name a full strength squad (whether it be starting or on the bench) so no seniors were ever not going to travel (unless injured or suspended).

Still expect to see 5 or 6 changes from the win at Wolves.


I agree. But what’s the point of taking a bunch of players if they aren’t going to play? The early stages of Europa, Kangaroo, and FA cup are the precious little windows to rest some of our key players, right!

After so many interviews in which he tells us that he is building Liverpool 2.0, new team, shared experiences, new history, traveling together is probably also important for team building etc. I’m not surprised.


Well, just to be and make them feel part of the squad I guess…the clubs a close family, we don’t let no one walk (or train) alone :wink: unless it’s to regain fitness which I assume will be the case for Trent and Thiago, and who knows…they might be needed, fingers crossed it doesn’t happen but Klopp may be forced into some unplanned changes.

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